Serendipity Tea Towel in Tranquility

  • Exclusive hand-painted in-house print design

    Material: Linen & Cotton Blend
    Other features: Loop in the middle of the length for easy hanging
    Print placement: Not fixed and may vary from piece to piece
    Colour schemes: ENIGMA and TRANQUILITY

    *Due to the nature of digital printing on linen fabrics, there are tiny white dots (base colour of the white linen base fabric) on the dark colourway (Enigma) items. However, these are only visible close up and do not affect the overall look of the garment.
  • Measurements (in inches)

    Size Free Size


  • Do not soak, bleach, or use high temperatures for washing and drying.
    Use a laundry bag when washing and spin-drying in the washing machine.
    When ironing is necessary, use a cloth as a barrier between the iron and the fabric and find a suitable heat level for your iron from the lowest heat setting to begin.