Birds Of Paradise Pet Bow in Heron

  • Exclusive hand-painted in-house print design

    Material: Polyester
    Other features: Velcro strip to attach bow to your pet's own collar
    Print placement: Not fixed and may vary from piece to piece
    Colour schemes: DOVE and HERON

  • Measurements (in inches)
    Dog is a Corgi puppy and is wearing size S
    Cats are adult Ragdolls and are wearing size S

    Size S M
    Across (middle of bow)
    3.5 5
    3 4


  • Do not soak, bleach, or use high temperatures for washing and drying.
    Use a laundry bag when washing and spin-drying in the washing machine.
    When ironing is necessary, use a cloth as a barrier between the iron and the fabric and find a suitable heat level for your iron from the lowest heat setting to begin.